UIC Personality Traits and Movement Patterns Research Study

Thanks to a modest grant from the Marion Chase Foundation and an invitation from the researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago, I was one of six Certified Movement Analysts from around the world working as a movement coder on this study of Associations between Movement and Personality utilizing the theory and taxonomy of the Laban/Bartenieff Movement System to observe, record, and analyze the movement patterns and signatures of the subject participants. The purpose of the study is to better understand how people’s personal movement patterns might be associated with their personality.

Somatic Self Care – Partnership with JHM Office of Well-Being

Following my work on the Peabody ArtReach team, I was asked to lead a partnership project between Peabody, the Johns Hopkins Medicine Office of Well-Being, and the Johns Hopkins Health System which looks to create short, recuperative somatic practices for our frontline medical workers on the COVID units to help support them mentally and physically during their arduous and heroic shifts.

DeLeComm (Developing Leadership Communication) Program

Working in partnership with faculty members of the University of Maryland Neuro and Cognitive Science Programs, I co-created and co-directed the Developing Leadership Communication program – DeLeCom. The program aimed to develop the next generation of scientific leaders capable of communicating complex ideas, engaging in authentic interactions formally and informally, and adapting to different environments. As Graduate students face challenges in clear communication, especially those who have a limited social background or who are not yet culturally adept, in situations requiring them to explain or defend their work, and in interviews or public presentations, the need for accessible and effective coaching is acute. Drawing on the work of the Laban/Bartenieff Movement System, as well as other theorists and practitioners who study and coach communication, group dynamic, and personal embodiment, the program aimed to develop skills in public presentation and interpersonal communication for graduate students. Following the successful pilot of the program, we applied for a Burroughs Wellcome Grant for University-wide implementation. Unfortunately, we were only finalists in the grant process, and then my time at the University of Maryland ended.