“Jen is a warm, engaging, intelligent and delightful person who is able to balance the personal and professional, the needs of self and other, and engage in the process of growth and discovery with an open heart and mind. Her ability to frame, share and teach complex material in a way that engages students is exemplary.”

-Catherine M.
Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies Faculty &
WholeMovement Co-Founder

“Jen uses a wide variety of teaching tools and embodied experiences that left me with a deeper understanding of movement and of myself.”

-BFA Dance Major
Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University

“Jen was an incredible mentor, always supporting my creative endeavors. At the time, I wanted to pursue a career in dance, but Jen taught me more than just dance. She taught me how to have an artistic outlook on life. Learning to dance isn’t about shaping a dancer, it’s about shaping people, and I have learned to lead a creative, thought provoking, and inspiring life thanks to Jen. In the midst of teaching me how to dance, she also taught me how to live.”

-Erin R.
Tulane University BA English Language & Literature 2014
Project C Studios Alumni

“Some teachers train their students to be the ‘factory workers’ of the dance community, training only bodies to fill a role… But Jen creates truly thinking, moving, dancing artists, ready for life.”

-Rima F.
Former President of the Capital Region Educators of Dance Organization

“I cannot think of a class with Jen where my mood didn’t change to happy and motivated to work harder by the end. Jen made the classroom a space for me to be open and comfortable to truly learn.”

-Melody C.
Howard Community College Dance Major

“It means so much when teachers treat students not just as participants, but as a valued part of the process – and Jen does that. What our daughter has learned from Jen extends far beyond technique; she is learning what it means to be an artist… about discovering who she is… about commitment, responsibility, and hard work… about setting goals, taking risks, and not being afraid to make a few mistakes along the way.”

-Mike L.
Father of Project C Studios Student

“Working with Jen reinstated my passion for dance. She taught me to love the way I naturally move, while also pushing my boundaries. It was never just about how many turns you could do or how high you could kick your leg – it was about turning us into well-rounded dancers and people.”

-Jennifer M.
Elon University BFA Dance & Choreography 2014
Project C Studios Alumni